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War Child

War Child is striving for a world with no child’s life torn apart by conflict. War Child protects, educates and stands up for the rights of children caught up in conflict. The charity aims to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out, and stays to support them through their recovery – helping to keep them safe, give them an education, and equip them with skills for the future.

Volunteering to be a steward at Lovebox or donating will support War Child’s work with Syrian children to access education, reintegrating child soldiers in the Central African Republic and promoting justice for young people in detention in Afghanistan. War Child, together with its partners, works in 15 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and Latin America.

You can help them today by volunteering to be a steward at Lovebox. – click here to apply.
Or donate here.

Road to Freedom

Road to Freedom is an organisation that aims to provide refugees fleeing war-torn countries with immediate aid, which includes food, clothing and hygiene kits. Working with official NGOs and charities on the ground at borders and refugee camps, we personally hand aid to those men, women and children in desperate need.

Road to Freedom have developed a professional team of volunteers who extensively fund raise ahead of their journey to a different location in crisis. Each volunteer effectively distributes aid in a professional and humane manner alongside NGOs and other on-site charities.

Alongside our valuable work on the ground, we consistently strive to raise awareness in the international worlds about the tragic effects of the continuing vulnerability of the refugees affected by war.


Save Nightlife

Nightlife nationwide is an important presence that plays a vital role in a sustainable night time economy. #savenightlife is the campaign which raises awareness for promoting, protecting and supporting night culture. As an increasing number of venues are facing the threat of closure due to strict licensing laws, rising property prices, sound issues and more the increased pressure on British Nightlife has seen drastic changes in the last decade where the number of UK clubs and live music venues have almost halved.

Therefore we are building a collective of people who love the nightlife and can raise their voices together in support of protecting our UK night culture. By signing the petitions your signature will support venues in need and put pressure on your local councillors and MP’s. Our most recent success story being the re-opening of London’s beloved fabric. Get involved and to preserve our nightlife scene and be a part of making a change, sign the petition at

Girls Against

A group of three teenage intersectional feminists fighting against sexual harassment and sexual assault in the live music community. Read more about Girls Against here.