14—15 JULY 2017



The single most important thing to everyone involved in Lovebox is that you are able to have the most positive experience you possibly can in a safe and caring environment. We work very closely with all licensing authorities and the Metropolitan Police to ensure this is the case. Unfortunately, like any large scale event, a very small minority of people may wish to spoil that, therefore these words of advice are provided to help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

• We advise against bringing valuables to the event, however if you choose to do so, please avoid displaying these unnecessarily, for example using your phone to photograph or record the bands, or wearing expensive jewellery.

• Don’t keep cash, cards and valuables in one place. Spread them out on in your pockets and clothing, using pockets secured by zips or buttons or in pockets inside jackets where possible. Please be aware that in a crowded environment, thieves will try to unbutton/unzip pockets and bags.

• Be aware of the behaviour around you. Please report anything suspicious to a security guard or police officer.

• Identify a meeting point for you and your friends in case someone gets lost so you can safely find each other.

• As soon as you realise that any of your property is missing, please inform the festival immediately. Do not wait until you get home. A lost property area is located near the main entrance, so please inform them ASAP.

• If your phone is lost or stolen, contact your network provider as soon as possible and ask for your SIM card and handset to be blocked immediately.

• Should your lose or have your phone stolen, contact your network provider to ask for the SIM card and handset to be blocked. Register your mobile phone IMEI number and the serial numbers of other valuables for free on www.immobilise.com or similar property registration sites.

• Activate the PIN feature on your phone, so it can only be used when you enter this code.

• Back up all your contacts and data before you leave home.

• When using a credit or debit card shield the keypad to protect your PIN.


Our on-site medical services provide comprehensive medical advice and treatment facilities and are very flexible in meeting specific needs.


There is a possibility that the sound pressure may exceed 96dB. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can affect your hearing – take care of those ears!


Please note that strobe effects may be used at the event. There will be no specific announcements prior to the use of strobes and lasers. Strobe flicker rates will be at or below 4 flashes per second.