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An interview with Hattie Stewart, Andy Baker & Kiwi

The colourful #Lovebox15 announcement video wouldn’t have been possible without the work of three very talented creatives. Illustrator Hattie Stewart, animator Andy Baker and producer Kiwi combined their talents to create the most mischievous, eye-catching Lovebox announcement video yet. Get to know Hattie, Andy and Kiwi below….

Hattie Stewart is an illustrator and self proclaimed “doodle bomber” who garnered fame for her drawings on the front of influential magazines such as Vogue and i-D. She has also worked with Azealia Banks on a series of portraits and designers such as House of Holland and Adidas.

What made you want to become an illustrator? Was there a particular drawing/piece you saw that first got you interested?
I just always loved to draw. I would always draw my own toys as a young girl and realise now I took more pleasure in creating the characters and imaginary worlds then I did actually playing with them – my playtime was in the creation. I’ve tried many different things but ultimately I always end up with a pen in hand, whether I’d intended too or not.

Sum up your work in three words:

What do you draw inspiration from?
There is no one specific place it can come from anywhere and anytime from documentaries to inspirational talks with friends to inspirational talks by passionate visionaries. That one thing that can ignite that desire to create is almost impossible to find deliberately so I leave myself open to all things – you never know when or where inspiration will come but when it does, I run with it.

Do you have a process/routine whilst you’re working?
Not particularly although when I am working on personal work I do prefer solitary. I over think things quite a lot so require that time without distraction to essentially discuss with myself what I intend to create or want to do – for me having time to think without distraction is one of the most precious and rare things in regards to what I do. Generally though my process and routine tends to bend itself depending on what the project is in hand.

What’s your favourite piece of art?
‘My Colouring Book’ By Pauline Boty.

Who are your favourite artists?
Pauline Boty, Kate Moross, Artemsia Gentileschi, Quentin Jones, Ruebens.

What’s been the most important moment of your career so far?
There have been many but for me the most important moment was when i realised I could work solely as a freelance illustrator/artist and create the work I wanted to create.

Which famous figure, living or dead, would you most like to draw?
Artemsia Gentileschi.

You’ve worked with a number of fashion brands already, is there anyone else you’d be keen to work with?
Louis Vuitton, and I always love collaborating with independent designers – I recently did 2 pieces with the amazing Poppy Lissiman which was a dream.

Why is London such an brilliant creative hub?
I think most cities bring together like minds and London has always had a buzz of great creative energy – it draws you in.

What projects have you got coming up?
A few – I’m working on a book at the moment and a couple of other fun things but mostly I’m trying to take a little bit of time to myself to re-charge as it has been a crazy couple of years.

Andy Baker is an animator who often collaborates with Hattie and has also worked with fashion brands such as Old Navy, Adidas, and Markus Lupfer. 

Where did you study?
Kingston University – animation and illustration course

What made you want to become an animator?
Watching too many cartoons as a kid.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Films, art, music, friends. anything really.

Who are your favourite illustrators?
There are so many it feels bad choosing any as my favourite, but I would say Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns and Maurice Noble would be up there. I think Margaret Kilgallen would probably be the one who influences and inspires me the most.

What makes London such a special cultural hub?
The great mix of cultures and people making so many inspiring things in a fairly small space.

Can you talk us through the process you went through animating the Lovebox artwork?
Just watching some great films for reference and then getting the idea down and animating.

What’s your favourite piece of work you’ve animated?
Maybe the animation I did for the Wu-Tang show last year. but I enjoy nearly every job I do so, all of it!

Kiwi is a London-based producer who combines a multitude of influences to create a sound like no other. He regularly tours around the world as well as being resident at The Nest and XOYO. He will be playing at the Corona stage at Lovebox.

When did you first start making music?
I think about 4 years ago now. Doesn’t feel like I have been doing it that long. I seem to have made an awful lot in that time though.

What does your ‘in the studio’ process involve?
I work with an engineer, Joe. He’s great and I kind of bounce ideas off him and We just roll with it. I think it’s really important for me to have someone in the studio with me. Otherwise I get lost focusing on things that don’t matter and lose my creative flow. My attention span is very short you see.

How would you describe your music in three words?
Eclectic, Spontaneous, Hopeful.

What’s your favourite show you’ve ever played?
I’m not sure I can pick one, there’s been too many greats. 5 hour set at Barberella’s Croatia ending in sunrise is definitely the one that’s coming to mind right now.

Favourite club to play in London?
XOYO, it’s just got everything, it’s like home to me. I feel like I can read the crowd well in there.

What makes London crowds the best? 
I think a better way to answer the question would be to explain why I call London home. London is a melting pot of culture, attitude, style, and opinions. When these things come together in harmony, it creates a unique atmosphere. Over the past 10 years London clubland has been under constant attack from the authorities. Yet the demand for fresh parties/clubs and forward thinking ideas has led to an ever-expanding underground scene, which is testimony to London clubbers resolve. For me the scene has never been stronger.