Lovebox & Secret Productions

Secret Productions join forces for 2014

Lovebox is joined by a band of partners and party-crafters in Victoria Park this summer.

You may have heard of Secret Productions – ironic, given their moniker. The problem is, they’re not so secret any more. A roster of terrifyingly creative and successful parties and events have put paid to that. So we’re delighted to welcome them to the Lovebox fold.

Starting life as a bunch of friends, Secret grew by gathering the talented, hard-working folk they have met on their way. This means they have been able to carry on creating the kind of immersive environments that encourage people to join in, firmly believing that unless you inspire people to become part of the party, it just won’t work.

This band of music heads, arts addicts, literary enthusiasts, theatre buffs, production planners and downright party animals have changed the festival landscape. It used to be that when you bought a festival ticket you expected warm beer, a few big bands and a burger van. Nowadays you’re more likely to find yourself eating organic food beside a 20ft art installation before uni-cycling to a fire show.

This year, the only festivals they will be turning their hands to are Lovebox and Wilderness festival.

So lovers of Secret stuff, you’d better not miss out.